Xia Xue Get Sue By Dawn Yang

HAHAHA! This is damn interesting. Blogger sue blogger. Today I walked to my client company and saw the Singapore newspaper, The Strait Time, front page showing popular Xia Xue get sue by the well known Singaporean model, Dawn Yang. I have been reading very closely and being waiting to see if it really going to court. As far I remember, Xia Xue attack Dawn Yang about her plastic surgery, lies about advertisement (and plastic surgery) and copycat on somebody quite recently. It was quite a hot topic all over the Singaporean blogs. But she delete in the end after the letter threaten to removed all her post by Dawn Yang manager. You can still find the hater got hold copy of her blog post, but you to search for it on Google. ^^;;


I’m sure that many bloggers and reader might know Xia Xue is quite frightening when attacking somebody she doesn’t really like on her blog. I was quite puzzle by the time and I don’t even know who is Dawn Yang at that time. So I check her on Google and found her blog. I don’t know much her details, but according to her blog, she seems like grab quite a lot of spot light and appears on various magazines including fashions events. Even she was known as hot babe and sexiest ladies in Singapore. The weirdest thing is that I never heard of her before.


Anyway, she denied over the plastic surgery issue bringing quite a lot of heat lately. That’s why one of the popular Singaporean blogger is getting sued. Of course, even other blogs are talking about it as well. You can find all the post in Google straight away. I don’t know if Dawn Yang really had a plastic surgery before after looking at her old photos. I myself have seen one of my friends went to plastic surgery on her eyes and she actually denied it.


Nonetheless, there is nothing wrong going for plastic surgery and even if you lied. You can’t lie to closes family.


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