Have Your Say! Get Reject!

I’m pretty sure that everyone does visit Brudirect HYS to read people ranting over there. Some post are stupid and some doesn’t really make sense when they complained. That is what I hate about the website. Stupid posts are allowed to post on the website and mine got rejected today because I complained about QQ Morange cheating on prepaid user’s money which I blog before. The moderate are also somewhat stupid that can’t even manage to read properly and allowed double post the same topic again on the website. Not to mention they allowed the user posting a referral link to a rubbished online game site that earned real money which is not related to any sort of complain.


This is my third time same submission got rejected and I suspect QQ probably giving the Brudirect admin or moderate some pocket money to seal off the complainers about their dirty money charging service. How sweet. Looks to me like ‘Have no Fear’ slogans is just an advertise word for show only. It’s a useless place for me now to post the awareness complained about the services. I wanted to bring attention and help the locals and foreigners who are using prepaid to be more careful using Morange. But someone out there is trying to prevent my voice reaching the peoples in Brunei.


Anyway, one words enough for Brudirect HYS. Dissapointed!


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