New Gossips Looks!

Finally, I found a nice three column theme for my blog. It took me two days to choose the right one and playing around other themes. I almost giving up looking for three column themes, luckily in the end Gossips City theme turned up on my list. The design is quite clean and more widgets choice. I haven’t figure out what to put on the below though, yet.


Anyway, some links removed and new link added. You can easily spot on the Blogs World list. I will removed the blogger if the link is dead which is no point keeping it. I am the person who always checks those links to ensure they are alive and kicking. I also add a new contact link, so anyone can easily send me a nudge if anyone would like to exchange links. I also include my personal little details I create using Blogspot space. That was easier way to solve the page problem since blogger doesn’t offer like Wordpress do.


Update End!


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