Singapore Day 2 – To Bugis, Celebrate my Birthday Dinner

This was after PC Show and we went straight to Bugis Junction for shopping and also at the same time meeting my brother. I didn’t know it was also one of the popular locations for shopping! Okay, I didn’t even know the Sim Lim Square is just ahead of me. ^^;;; I only know my brother kept on saying just there and there. My question is where? In the end I still look at the map in the MRT ground to look for SLS.


We first take a rest nearby the water fountain. I also feel very tired walking nonstop at PC Show and carried all the stuffs with me all days. After a few minute rests including enjoys watching Mei Mei around me. ^^ I decided to waste no time and walk around the building and snap some nice photos for memories. Of course, this includes some shops I visit.


I was warned actually that I can’t take photos inside the building by the security guard. I didn’t bother about the warning. I don’t think there are anything wrong taking photo inside the building as a tourist. I’m sure it must be the rules from the BHG Company. I got even chase away by them because I was resting and sitting near the front glass door. As if they think I look like a beggar or some sort eye sore. What to do?








Here’s the inside photos taken in Bugis Junction and BHG. First one is The Design T-Shirts Store Graniph. They advertise one T-shirt for S$35.00 and two for S$60.00. I have to admit the T-shirts are not bad at all. If you are interested, you can check out the official website for more information on the designs and you can even buy directly from their online store (available shipping to Brunei).



Another great street clothes to introduced, the DCP (Delicious Clothing from Pavalon). One of the Singapore own clothing brand (according to the website). You can also buy it from online. But currently the store is in site maintenance. I did found another link, it’s I’m not sure if they are related.




Alright, I’m sure many of you don’t like to miss out any book stores in Singapore. At Bugis Junction, you can find Kinokuniya upper floor. The only things I went there to look are comics and Gundam magazines. I didn’t buy any single magazine from the store. I have to say it is really expensive comparing purchasing from Nonetheless, you can find many of your favorite books and magazine.




Here’s another one, the Absolute Comics shop selling mostly American comics and toys. I did see some Japanese toys there. It’s worth to check out if you are superheroes reader and collectors.




If you happen wanted to look for Japanese accessories shop, you may want to check this shop out. Sorry, I do not know how to name of the shop. ^^; No worry, you can find many nice stuffs over, you just need enough money to get it.



To BHG toys section. I couldn’t really stop myself loving checking out toys no matter where I go. The first thing I check is Gundam models.




Once we joined up with my brother. We follow my brother and walk to Park Royal at Beach Road where we had our dinner at Si Chuan Dou Hua Resturant. You can order as a choice like buffet and foods is quite nice over there. We were actually surprise by the master doing a kung fu posed pouring the tea.





More photos taken when I was on the way back.





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