My First Ziods Neoblox

I brought Zoids Neoblox - G2 Rex from Singapore last month. I always wanted to buy one back then, even when I was in capital shopping. Well, I guess I couldn’t hold myself this time. Maybe I will get more once I finished building my new PC system.

I finally got the time last Sunday to play around with it since I was so bored at home and instead of wasting my time sleeping. The box contains with three packs contain Gojulas - LBZ01, Stegoganzer – NBZ05 and Raptojauar – NBZ04. Damn, don’t you think that’s a really cool name for the toys? Anyway, first thing first, no spraying is done on the toys. I choose not to spray as it required lots of fix on the parts. I only do the lining using the Bandai maker. It does look good by the way without spraying. ^^

Here’s the first one I assemble. Rapojaguar!

The second one is Stegoganzer.

Lastly, the badass Gojulas!

All of them are easy as one two three. It just need some time to clean the small left over plastic. Three of the in actions before combine both of them to G2 Rex.

Alright! Dadda!! G2 Rex!! Actually I don’t like it much and did spot some flaws on the original. I’m not sure if I didn’t follow the instruction carefully or not. I’m convincing it must be an errors or something on the manual. But some of the movements were stuck especially on the arms and back weapons.

Now, here is my own G2 Rex – Kai version! The huge improvement over the previous one are the back weapons are easier to move around including the changes on both arms, which is now able to move freely and perform melee attack. Lastly, the weapon below is now easier to move also compare to the original one.

Ok now, final lining using Bandai marker.

Total 6 hours on the assemble and lining.


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