One and Another Coming

My car has been delay quite a while leaving my noisy damage drive shaft running. I finally manage to get rid my PSP and other PC games off from my friend shop. So I would think it’s my chance today to get my car for servicing and replace the drive shaft. I can't really imaging something just bad happen again for this month. Yet another stupid hardware coming to its end of life again which is my next 17" CRT monitor. I wonder why it has to be like this and experience this kind of shitty things at the end of the year. People say God only know the answer, but I would give him my middle finger and smack him if he is the one messing with it because I don't believe god. ^^;;

I got the Viewsonic E70f from the local computer shop and I brought it on 27th February 2003. Can’t believe I still keep the receipt. After checking on the span life I have been using it for more than four years. Well, not quite really bad at all using in none air-conditioner area in the afternoon. It’s not really dead yet but the colors change and started not longer while I am playing my games. I am planning to get a 22” or 24” Wide Screen LCD monitor from Dell next year. But it seem like that won’t be possible and I really do hope it can last until next year. Damn!

Anyway, my cousin wedding photos is up! Check this link! Okay, I look really fat on the picture!


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