Agloco Economic Network Clone

I recently check out JC latest post about someone actually build his own copy of Agloco Economic Network system and called it Share Incentives. I decided to register one for myself to take a look around the site. I have to say, it almost identical to Agloco except some features that was not found from the original. Not to mention you need the Viewbar to run on your desktop. However, it was not mention if it pays you base on how much you earn from hourly and still in alpha stage according to John. You can read JC My Review for Share Incentives at his blog.

I’m not going to promote it or even bother thinking about using the view bar. Agloco is going down sooner or later. I am still suspecting Agloco is using us to generate money for them using the Viewbar. I still believe today, it’s possible as long they haven’t paid anyone a single cent. Now the blog is dead with no update on the development and not to mention I found that the Agloco website SSL certificate has already expired on November after I login into my member profile. Something is definitely wrong with Agloco. I wonder how Share Incentives might go to end up too.


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