Cousin Wedding Today

I am taking a day off today. Its my cousin wedding day and I almost forgot it. Luckily my sister remind me on last week, Friday. Well, it was a very good day for me watching my cousin moving another one step forward to the next relationship level. I am really happy for them and not to mention they bring good luck for me winning another great prizes for Cooler Master Kode5 Video Shoot-Out!
I am buying a present for them, specially ordering from Play-Asia.Com. I already plan quite long getting a Nohohon Double Happiness present for her last month. But I didn't know she like Mickey mouse a lot. It was sad I already place the order early without thinking carefully because I found a nice Nohohon Mickey Mouse Couple. I wanted to cancel it but I guess I won't. I hope it will arrived before 15th next week as I don't want to delay it, of course. (Check the rest of Nohohon products at Tomy official website)

I also snap quite a LOT of photos in the wedding today and hope to post some of them online in my Facebook. I only able to find very few best shot I caught from my Canon. But most importantly I have to backup into a CD before anything happen to my PC! ^^;


  1. hi bro, hafiez here..
    congrats on ur winning bro.


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