Finally!!! Got Little Money!

Finally got my money from my friends! Thanks to them who help me to sell my PSP and my three PC game from their shop. I have been waiting for money to pay off my mom pocket money which I missed for four month. But I was able to pull off three months and hopefully able to settle by next year. I think I spend too much money for ordering Final Fantasy collections from Heh! Simply love them! I wonder what left I haven’t settles. I fix my car drive shaft, cleaning and replace a new viper for it. Just a bit worried over the car timing belt and maybe I will go for servicing as Chinese New Year is coming very soon.

Anyhow, my December collection photo is preparing to upload. I haven’t resized and upload yet for my cousin dinner wedding last week. My mom wants to see it in Singapore. Hehehe…I guess December should be better for me. Not much stress coming except what should I do for Christmas…alone. Hmmm…

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  1. this what i talk about. with many of my friends. many associates. virulently. i love to your blogs Starboykb!



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