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Store Closure and Gone

HW Japan has announced a closure of the store effective today. I wasn’t aware of it when I drop by their site yesterday. According to them, this is their parent company policy. Not the tsunami and the earthquake hitting on the region reason. I wish the best of luck to the staffs and hopefully able to see they return one day. On the other side note, Walter Hobby also now finished after the domain name is available for register for weeks. Well, no surprise and I are sure anyone expects that coming sooner or later.

March Order 11 - HLJ

If it wasn’t because I lost the HGUC GM Striker clear visor, I wouldn’t have to place more order again at HLJ. No idea how the heck it can lose inside the box. Everything was ready to spray painting but I simply cannot continue to work on it with a lost part and had to find another head replacement. Thanks to Bandai, the HGUC RX-79[G] Gundam: The Ground War set is the savior to my problem. One Gundam and two GM heads is enough already. I also stock up Kotobukiya weapons and hands for the future use. Only one is HiQ parts painting clips which I find it worth for purchase. Frame Arms SA-17 Rapiere and Border Break Modeling Works with limited special weapons are my new collection. When Frame Arms first announced by Kotobukiya last year, I plan to get some of them. Due to the high pricing, I was turned away by it. Only until today I decided to get one because I like female mecha design. Border Break mecha will be my next collections soon probably end of this year. For now, I just need to foc…

March Order 11 - KO Toys and HM Shop

There are more coming, currently three orders just arrived this weeks. There are my first purchase from KO Toys and HM Shop. If you remember my previous post introducing the shop that selling knock off Transformers toys. Well, I decided to get some from them to check out myself how good the quality of the toy. In this photo, I order a KO Universe 2.0 Optimus Prime black version and KO Fansproject City commander upgrade. The purple seeker is a free toy given by the store owner as an apology because my order was delay from the beginning of January this year. I have to say the quality of this KO TF toys are not bad especially the purple seeker. Almost exactly a same thing from the original made. The only disappointed purchase is the KO FP City Commander upgrade, the shoulder and arms are very loose which can’t be used. There goes my money for KO stuff. HM Shop was a Singaporean shop and introduced by G-Tyro blog. I did found some stuff over there to order. So I decided to get Zaku Hobby …

Local Gunpla Competitions 2011

This is truly great news for all local Gunpla builders. Chong Hock Toynation just announced they will be hosting Gunpla competitions in July (to be confirmed again). I’m still not sure what categories we might expect in the competitions. But if you are interested, the below is the information how to submit yours participations form. (just realized I read it wrongly. =P) you can submit your feedback to Eric. Also you got fours month to customize to the limit everyone! BRUNEI GUNDAM COMPETITION 2011 Yes! CH-Toynation will be hosting the first ever BRUNEI GUNDAM COMPETITION 2011! I am now currently looking for interested party who are willing to participate in our GUNDAM COMPETITION around JULY 2011. I know there are many customizer out there in Brunei who do amazing good job in transforming their stock Gundam to something that is out of this world. If you do not customize, do not fear, we also have slot for people like you who just build it out of the box. At this moment, I do not have …

Time 4 A Laptop

This year I probably am going to be putting myself into more aggressive decision buying new gadgets. I already accomplished getting (nah! Loan) new car. Now, the next target is getting a laptop and then new cell phone. My company currently is offering promotion for the latest ACER models which I heard are limited productions models across Malaysia. The one I am getting is Acer Aspire AS4750G-2414G50, which offers very attractive B$1024.00 price. Of course I can get lower than that as an IT staff. I already had done a check on the laptop specification, definitely fast enough for normal usage and onsite works. For your information it also comes with an Apacer 16GB thumb drive, Trend Micro 2011 Titanium Internet Security and extended three years warranty as a free gift. Now, the criticism about Acer products will never disappear from the history itself. I know a lot of people are unhappy with their laptops and service in the past. A lot of us do prefer getting Dell laptop instead due to …

Garage Sales Catalog Available

My garage sales catalog is now downloadable at Mediafire hosting. On the side note, my garage sales page no longer in the future is updated in the blog. I will maintain everything on the downloadable catalog which is much easier. For the local delivery to Tutong and BSB, please note that my new car is not yet ready. So delivering to the location is not available at the moment. If you can self pickup will be much more easier for me.

Garage Sales Update – March 2011

My new car is confirming arriving and should be getting by next week due to the blue card still pending for processing. Damn I didn’t expect these to happen as I hopefully going for Cerato five doors 2011 instead. Somehow things weren’t always I wanted to happen. The bad news is, once I got the new car. There won’t be be any chance to buy toys again starting on May. The monthly loan payment is quite high for SUV car so I am barely have enough every month. Not just that, other family responsibility too. I need to calculate again once the payment start so at the meantime. I am going to clear and let go some of my toys and PC hardware’s to help reduced the future burden. Anyone who is interested can contact me through the email. You can check the newly listed items and price update in my page soon for more information’s. I will make a PDF catalog also for easy viewing. The catalog is now available for download! Figures:Gundam OO DX Figure: Nena Trinity =B$16.00 Figma Drossel *NIB* = B$…