NBT Lucky Draw Get's Flipping Table

After watching these video, everyone of us really wanted to know the whole story. According to one of my friend mention in the wall, the customers apparently got pissed off due dissatisfaction changes to the rules and unfair NBT lucky draw during at the Brunei Consumer Fair 11 event. NBT already clarify the situations in both BB and BT newspaper.

Rumors and speculations floating around my Facebook none stop for few days saying that NBT statements are bullshit so I decided to sniff around for a bit accurate information. First of all, an update, one of the lucky draw customers (in the video) who flipped the tables finally got himself a prize from NBT lawyers. The managements aren't going to let this slide easily because his action causes so much commotion in the event, also hurting someone and damaging the reputation of Toyota brand.

I have no idea how can a brand be affected by this. If it weren't the NBT managements making very bad decisions and arrangement, this situation would never occur. Not only they fail to mention there will be satellite draw venue held in KB showroom. They told Majority of the KB customers must go capital to be eligible entering the draw in the first place. How can not they pissed off big time? Comon, more than two hours drive up and down is fucking tiresome.

As for the guy who throw the table, he is just fucking stupid. He should have just walked away and never buy Toyota again. Now instead ended up getting lawsuit and awaiting jail time. Well, a good lesson to those having mindset thinking yellow IC can get away with anything. Apologizing is the only option for him right now.


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