EACON 2012 – Plastic Model Competition (Winners)

Compared to 2011, I am satisfied with the competition results and happily seeing more modelers participate last year. Their work are great with creative builds and ideas. So far the category D received only one participation which is kinda sad.

Speaking of sad, one of the organizer 1/48 Mega Gundam fell off to the ground hitting and damaging the rest of the model kits at the event. The people claimed it was me who hit the table which I have no idea at all how it happen when I check the gap between me and the table was far off while I am taking photos.

Of course, I'm not really happy hearing about this because I wasn't the only person standing near the display tables. There were four more people if I remember correctly standing there busy chatting even closer to it. The outcome of this incident should include them.

It was hard to argue and pointing the back to the person are pointless unless someone accident films it that day. So we know if I am the one. But I got to thank Jong who told me about this. I asked him to look out the owners for me so that I can apologies directly and I did to avoid trouble. The tank and GP03 owners says its OK and nothing to worry about as he can fix it. The 1/48 Mega Gundam organizer is cool with it too. It was settled and again, if you (owner) read my post. I once again apologize damaging your Gunpla and the tanks.

At the end of the event, most of us in the category A participant gather up and having a nice chat sharing works. I'm sure some modeler aware my GM Cannon II “Anti-Ship Type” painting has a lot of questions. I remember one of them asking me why the Tamiya Gun Metal spray paint color turn out differently compared to his. Honestly, I have no good answer to that as I didn't apply any prime on my kit. All I did was sand, clean, wash, started spraying, dry in hot sun, applying decals and finally spraying Tamiya clear paint. That's the results.

Anyway, new year a new start. I haven't start working on any Gunpla yet while having back pain past few weeks clearing my office and barely sleep recently watching Game of Thrones I put on hold for so long. Damn, the sex scene so loud even my neighbor could hear.

Category A – 1/144 Winner: XN Banshee by Dennis Liew

Category B – 1/100 Winner: Omega Warrior by Kevin Hin

Category C – Open Winner: Battle Street December by Shukran Jafar


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