EACON 2012 – The Shops

It was great to see new community and shops setting in EACON last year. Even though I have no idea why a computer shop were setup in the events. Still it is good to see the place fill up with different interesting stuffs. I got to say the Yeszone – Enterprise from Seria wins the attention to the visitors.

Probably most of you who doesn't know much about them, Yeszone - Enterprise was opened last year in Seria plaza who started selling K-pops, J-pops, mandarin-pops and toys. I didn't know the two days event, they brought in so many toys and t-shirts to sell. My heart was tempting to get the Figma Black Rock Shooter (anime version). It just too bad I spent most on my new camera. Check out their FB!

Another new toy shop started last year known as Fanboys Infinite from the capital who also sells comics and toys. What I didn't expect they also showcasing the original classics games and consoles in the booth. The classic gamers would definitely love to see this. Check out their FB!

The gallery booth is where it showcase the artist art works. Hope to see them succeed into CG and improvement works in the future.

Mega Bloks Halo toys diaroma setup at the booth are amazing by Nanyang shop from KB where I got my Tamiya spray. They did put up some toys to sell but I have no idea who taking care of it.

Now, the other side was Magic The Gathering club. I have been quite curious a long time how and why Magic The Gathering trading card game remain so popular for a long time. There are people find it funny and say ridiculous child game. Once you learned how this card game plays work, it really not as easy as you think. It took me a while to understand how to play the normal game. The advance were even more harder. This game is good for training brain on decision making.

Candy House. Never heard of them, but they sell lots of Anime goodies and accessories especially their neko headband were popular among the buyers.

CF King, the only one computer shop in EACON 2012. I don't understand why they would want to set up booth in the event not unless they sell something that might interested to the cosplayers. My guess most likely targeting the gamers. Still this event doesn't seem to be a good place to sell.

This is the Vanguard booth, the Japanese version trading card game. According to my friend, this game is much easier to learn and straight forward compared to Magic The Gathering.

Another small shops setup on the side selling Japanese books, comics, toys, figures and cosplayers costume. I remember one of my Gunpla enemy brought a Japanese English dictionary from them.

Ha! Lego display at the right side of the stage on the second days. I wasn't really onto Star Wars theme, those ships and build are huge! Not a cheap brick collections.


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