Bitch Done It Again!

Fuck me and my sister born from low class family without money. I got to thanks to my dad again for loving second wife so much giving everything to her, EVERYTHING. The backfire from her was a terrible damn begin with moving into the house when my father still alive. Now his gone for more than 8-9 years, things just get worst and worsen.

What I usually get pissed off by her always pulling off stupid stunt just to signal us demand more money. Well, she just doesn't want to work so this time she stops our cars parked into the garage and only allow outsider. She really pushes my limit and until I asked her what the fuck is the meaning of this.

Every year I did try to raise a bit on the monthly rent to shut her mouth when my company give me increment. I buy some electronic parts for the house so that anything related to it faulty, she doesn't need to pay a cent. We cover telephone, electrical, water bills and pay on time so what the fuck went wrong?

The only and always goes into my mind got to do with my sister. Damn her paying the rent so little without a single raised every year. She just want to pick a fight with bitch and doesn't want to realize who’s house we are living in. Not a smart move, still same goes to the fucking bitch doesn't want to have a peace discussion about money.

The stunt this time she pulled off is entirely so bullshit. I told myself from this year onward we will no longer celebrate anything in that house. No Chinese New Year foods and drinks continue until we able to find our own house. I told my sister stop giving anymore 'ang pao' to the bitch daughter. The daughter is totally useless and spoiled even reaching the age of reasons. We should save this money as much as we can and prepare our best possible moving out in case she tries to fuck with us real bad again.


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