WTF with December?

Geezzz.. December really suck! For most people, usually this month are quiet and less work while people away for holiday or heading back home for upcoming Christmas. But from last week until now, everything was all about work and rushing.

I have been working non-stop OT lately and feeling tired without enough sleep. I don't know if the management are going to pay or not for ours overtime. If he say we can claim it, I wouldn't mind working for extra hours. However, new task kept coming and changes last minute sometimes, sure starting to pissed me off.

There are someone's else pisses me more is that son of the bitches, yeah the new guy, still can't work independently with simple task and fucking not remembering what he had learned after more than eight months. Oh man, I wish I can fire him off even he was sent from the Government Labors department. This guy is so fuck that he should just applied for office boy. Well, thanks to my manager for not listening my opinion extending his probation further and letting him swallowing free salary every months.


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