Dishonest Trade In Program Continues

I already cover the issue back in 2009 about dishonest local advertising page. Today I'm going to remind the readers to be extra careful and must get more information before trading in any working computers to the local company’s. It appear the company trade in program continue to mislead the customers into thinking either we are actually getting some cash back or lower purchase price for any selected products.

The truth, is not and basically we are giving away our working hardware for free in return for nothing. Yes, nothing! This is even more surprising when the employee themselves dared to admit the above I wrote are all truth. I continue to wonder how can such company get away with that lies? It is because they are popular in the capital that allow them to misleading the customers?

Make no mistake that the Brunei Governments already announced the law against the such act this year. If you have been cheated or any kind of misleading promotions that you purchased from. Send to this address:, making sure you provide proof of his/her identity and proof of purchase by producing receipt or any other document and record the conversation using mobile phone if necessary. That way they surely won't get away.


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