EA CON 2012 – The Opening Day One

Phew~! Finally I can take every few minutes to sit down writing my experience report for EA CON day one and two while continue rushing work OT in the office and spending some time back home at night. Yup, I am still very busy lately rushing work to settle things before new year. Fucking hate it when these things come unexpectedly.

Now, did I enjoying my time in EA CON? Well, it’s good to see we have lots of Cosplayers turning up in the event and seeing more roomy space for booth to set up as well bigger gaming area compared to last year. But not quite feeling much enjoying at all and felt moody surrounding. I will explain later in the next post why. Now...

Kiulap Plaza Hotel

First of all, I am sucked at location. I know where Kiulap is but not the hotel (lol). This is my first time going to Kiulap Plaza Hotel so I didn't know where the exact best location to parked. After realizing heading toward the building, then I saw Hua Ho was just next to it. Yeah, I was an idiot parking near the Kiulap mall and had to walk 7 minutes when there are so many good parking slots at Hua Ho area. Next time, I better check Google map before heading to any other places. I got to say the hotel lift was stupid and annoying.

The Event

Same as last year, I participate again for the Gunpla competition. I register myself, report to the organizers and set up my plastic kit. Unexpectedly, everyone of us who participate received B$5.00 off voucher from Chong Hock Toynation. Not decided yet when to head up again to grab from the shop using the free voucher. But since it wrote valid until 31 March next year. I will just use it slowly.

The Opening Speech

The opening speech by Dr Hj Muhammad Hadi Muhammad Melayong, Senior Special Duties Officer and Head of the Secretariat of the MIB Supreme Council, and also Yusrin Hadi from TFF Company. Yup, that's all and they go around checking checking….


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