EACON 2012 – The Lost Light of Cosplay

First of all, let me apologize if I say something wrong that might offend the local organizers and cosplayers in this post. Understand that this is just my personal opinions on the two days experience and find the cosplay group’s performances were somewhat lacking of something.


To be honest, I don't pay just to enter the Gunpla competition. But to see something fresh from cosplays competition at EA CON and maybe more exciting activities this year. For some reason, the gaming simply just took over the spotlight in the event almost the whole day. Everything feels like I am attending to a gaming event instead.
Let me be frank, I am not the only person in the event felt this arrangement are heading wrong direction. There are previous attendees told me the same thing not feeling enjoyable from what I encounter above. Of course not 100% everyone agree or perhaps the organizers are doing this to respect the MIB code.
I never dress as a cosplayer so I’m never knows how they feel. What I do know, it's really tired to wear costumes with accessories or weapons walking around take photos with people just for two whole days. I'm sure the guys are expecting something fun in the event like last year dancing and enjoy more at stage. It just not happening. Nevertheless, glad to know many shows up and enjoy wearing their favorite characters in the event.
Despite all of this performance lacking preparation and the annoying sound system issue came out of nowhere. I do got to give the cosplayers a big thumb up continue bravely performing and did their best on the stage. Here are the video record below (click read more) in case you guys missed during the event and all credit go to Khal.


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