Internet Down AGAIN!

Yeah, fuck that! I can’t believe experiencing internet down in the early morning starting yesterday and it appear only affected in Mumong area. Man, terrible for me the whole night without internet access. There are a lot of things for me to check on the internet, news, bidding, computer parts all through eBay and other shitty things on Twitter. I simply just missed it the whole night. BORING!!!

I already made complain to Telbru and according to them, the exchange system in our area got into some trouble and luckily it was up to day after I call again. Imagine you are doing a serious bidding and suddenly your internet went out like that especially to those critical moments submitting online tenders going to fuck up badly on their business. The internet service in our country is truly a failure and happens so many times in every one year. The Telbru should now starts sending their technicians inspect and monitor the systems weekly to ensure smooth operations.

Speaking about eBay, I have been very obsess looking for stuffs everyday and so wanted to get them ASAP. Well, you may be guessing right on the Transformers toys. Nonetheless, I am looking for other things as well which are mainly computer parts and technician tools to support my work. I have been eyeing some of the stuffs already and planning to fill into my carts next month. Although those things were cheap you will need to do some reliability test before you actually used it on your customers PC. But still, really hate to say these PC technicians’ stuffs going to get tax by the customs in the end.


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