Damn Stupid Telecommunication

It refer to DST, yes, I hate this local company because they cheat our money. Why? It simple, their services suck and change their plans whatever they feel like charging us more secretly. Most of you may not find this true but a lot of people are questioning and fed up getting over charge in the monthly payment using the DST mobile lines many years now. I don’t want to talk about the Astro shit. As far I know, we are getting fewer new channels and pay more every time they twist their plans especially when they add extra channels charging directly even when you didn’t sign up for it.

My boss last week suddenly brought up this topic asking me to upgrade DST Easi line because the plans are much more affordable. No way, at least for me for million years! The reason I decide not to upgrade my Easi line because this is the best to keep track my daily usage and control my budget spending. If I upgrade to plan, chance of getting over charge are 100%. A lot of my friends have encountered this issue almost every few months and confused how the hell DST systems actually calculate the call-in/out rates. Worst, you don’t receive their statements or bills for few months on time, some only appear on the first month after upgrade to plans. In the end everything has to rely on the internet to check. Well guess what? One of the DST operators did ask us this question. “Why do you need your bills/statements to be sent on time?” Silly Dumb ass! Of course we need to pay our bills on time without getting bar! Not everyone of us live close to DST centre!

Another problem that most of us still facing today are not given any list of callers you actually made calls in/out every month. I don’t really understand why, but this is unacceptable because if DST don’t provide lists of calls records in our bills. How do we suppose to verify that those callers are real? This is seriously a BIG issue you simply can’t deny and no one likes to get international call charges when they never call. Not to mention, there might be a glitch to the system. You may not even know if the DST employees hack and use your line to call the others. Okay, this is just a speculating, but you may not know, right? Nonetheless, it still concerns me very much going for DST plan.

Anyhow, there are 90% of my families and friends are using DST line so it is not wise for me to switch side to get b.Mobile just to get extra charges between these competitors. Although I really dislike DST very much, I’m not a heavy caller and normally just do SMS texting so I’m not too worried over this matter. I just only laugh at my friends getting over charge every month.


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