April 2010 – Weekend #2

As promised to myself, after finishing MG Blue Frame 2nd Revise. I am now beginning assemble and sanding the kits. The HG 1/100 Gundam OO has been kept in the storage for two years so I think it’s better to build this one up before I moved to another kit next month.
This is really frustrating also because I am still having lack of plastic parts to work on the HG kits. Currently, I am trying to look for an angle plastic plate online. No luck in my finding, no, an Evergreen product does not fit into the description due to weak and soft material. I actually brought one to see it myself and was rather disappointment after seeing it. No idea if the local hardware shops are selling it but I will go to have a look this weekend. I was thinking about using the PVC stuffs used for the home and building electrical because it does work also. Not to mention its cheaper.
Anyway, the HG 1/100 Gundam OO was really easy to build. If you are not doing any painting, the estimate time finishing is less than 3 hours. As for me, I might require three days (BTW once per week) to finish it. Well, maybe less also since there is some old Gundam spray paint lying around and haven’t finished using yet. I guess it’s best to clear out the old cans before getting the new one.


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