My Car is Back!

Finally I got my car back after changing a lot of broken stuffs cause by the bad timing belt. I lose over at least $260.00 for replacing and service. Man, a good lesson for not fuck around with timing belt.


It’s funny I have to say, people these days. Quite a lot of people asking me why I didn’t choose to buy new car instead of continue using my old 90 wagon. I really have no idea why these kinds of question have to be repeated over and over again. Yeah I know Brunei do not have many taxes like other country do. It doesn’t mean my salary is that high! I hate people asking me why I don’t enjoy my life driving a nice sport car. It’s not like I don’t want too. It’s because I don’t even have a good pay job I am working now and I have to look after my mom. My daily life was just enough for each month and maybe a loss sometimes like my car broke down. Argg…now I am starting to eat breads when I get home for lunch or even dinner.


Hard to find a better jobs these days. Anyway, got to revise my CV now, hate to say but I am getting lazy with my jobs and grow very tired of it.


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