Dealing with Step Mother

Every time when I write step mother, I really wanted to kill her in my mind. A bitch who ruin the family, ruin your life and financial. This is what I personal doesn’t like in my whole life. I was so pissed off so many days and weeks for too long. Today is the worst one yet again and trying to throw full rocks at both of us (with my sister) by threatened kicking us out from the house. I’m not really scared at all and I am fine with that, but she’s not. Every month the electrical and waters bill are depending on us which she can’t help with it since she just an unemployed bitch. It’s funny, she trying to threaten us like that every time. I feel like she got her own sponsors on her back, that's why she started a war.


What I do not like is that whenever she does something or repairing something. She doesn’t want to discuss with us and slap us with the bill at our face, just like that without letting us know. She has been doing it every years and this pissed both of my sister and me into next level. We don’t get respect and always push around because we living in her house (my father and we give her). Life is uneasy having two mothers, it depend on how it turns out. We both were facing the fuck up family, so obviously we always have to look for backup path to turn around everydays. I don’t really mind letting her off out there talking bad about us because all she want every penny from us so that she can live with relax daily life. My real mom is following her example these days, when she comes back. I will have to give my mother a lesson, she really spend too much and wasted too much of our money. Borrowing money is not a good sight for us.


I am planning to look for better jobs and tomorrow I have to start renewing my CV. I can’t go on getting mess up by the bitch on our backs and getting threatens. I have to quit thinking about having a nice car for enjoying. Getting your own house is really important these days and my sister is agreeing with me. The problem is getting loan is so hard in Brunei and it only applied to those who worked on Shell or BSP, Governments and high paid salary. I need to get more information about the housing loans from my Malay friends see if they can give me more clues.


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