Blog Action Day 2008 - Poverty

Wow, I can’t believe it was so fast. I didn’t have the time to prepare my post and I know it’s late, thanks to my recent car broke down and my late work stress me out. Anyway, it’s very hard me to explain what is poverty really like in real life. Watching TV and news doesn’t really help including imagine it because I never experience it before. However, I do hope one day poverty will disappeared in the world.


Poverty around the World

What is poverty exactly? I’m sure even kids who living in good life won’t even bother to understand these days as they will only learned from school like in Geography class or maybe watching Discovery channel. I’m one of them, you can’t blame me that I born in peaceful country.


There are many types of poverty can be found different category, I believe it’s a lot. The quality of life, foods, safe drinking waters, poor shelters and home mostly can be found in developing countries especially like Africa, Cambodia, North Korea and many others in South East Asia. Developed countries do have such issue on poverty like homeless and income problems related.


Of course, ongoing war also can be one of the worst to be listed in the categories. Let’s not forget that governments ruling and corruption is also another main biggest raise on poverty.


How hard is Preventing Poverty?

This is one of the toughest issues everybody around the world can’t solve today and can be impossible even in the future. Volunteering, donating money, clothes or foods are no longer the best solutions lower poverty problems. Let’s face it, world economies are dragging everyone down to foreclosures, bank loan and even increasing on jobless are facing hard time of their own thinking to survive next day.


Spending billions of dollars will never solve the problem and everything still goes back from the start over and over again. I’m sure people will eventually fed up on donating and even won’t bother about the poverty issue anymore because there are many can’t even take care themselves and how do they suppose to take care of other people facing poverty. You may disagree my way of thinking like that. Believe me. This is actually happening more and more soon.


How can we help and improve?

Other than just donating, I believe education is one of the important roles to help the children or next generations to improve and open their own way to better future. I also believe abandon traditional way of thinking can help to improve their life as they can seek for newer way and understanding the environment they are living today. How they themselves able to stop the ongoing war conflict, corruptions, politics and rules they believe is wrong. This is currently what I believe it should be done.

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