Gundam Order for October

While I am waiting for my car bill to arrived and sitting In front of my PC doing nothing on holiday instead of playing my PS2 game afterward. I decided to make myself suffer more this month. I didn’t expect Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) currently so aggressive throwing so many nice discounts for Gundam this month. I simply couldn’t think of letting such good price go missing when the world economics is suffering. So I decided to place my order as much as I can for next month payment. I already totally broke this month, lucky to own credit card for next month debts.

I was expecting some jackpot last night to light up my debts and PC upgrade. Well, it didn't happen (damn**) and I have to move on. Anyway, here’s my other ordering plan for next last two month this year. I decided to order it from Hobby Search, it was introduced by Marvin (thanks!) last month and I haven't yet had a chance to tried the store since it looks promising looking at their free points to reduced your buying cost. But it just a few down site comparing to HLJ. I will only get discounts stuffs and kits only from HLJ if Hobby Search provide the reasonable shipment pricing.

November Order (Pre-Order in Hobby Search)


December (Pre-Order either in HLJ or Hobby Search)


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