New Pyramid Conqueror - Part 1

Everyone should be understand by now that Pyramid Scheme is not a safe program to joined nowadays. That's why our Brunei Governments are trying to banned these kind of business practice and tried not allowed them to operates in our country illegally. This is their main objectives to prevent the local citizens hard earn money falling into their pockets so easily. But, it doesn't seem to be easy to convince people not to joined these days.

Currently only few legitimate Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company (Cosway, Elken etc) were seen much in Brunei. It was something like a direct sales on company products and services to earn commissions. Of course, that depends on which stage you going to paid for, a Franchises or Baron or Count. These stages offer different commissions earning and most importantly on how good you are able to convinced people to buy it or joined.

The Intro

I have done much investigations and research recently on the so called themselves a pyramid MLM company from Malaysia known as DCHL company. If you haven't heard of them, they are the largest legitimate growing popular company in Malaysia with strong support background by SYN (rumors that actually its was the same person running DCHL) and even granted the trust from many Governments. That is why their company has been expanding so large and so success in Asia. However, they still need to get our Government approver first before starting their MLM here. If you wonder what products they were actually selling, just visit the Lampe Berger and Estebel for more informations.

The thing that amazed me is the company are actually trying to recruits mostly young people to joined and investing into their company. In return, they will educate you to succeed your goal (getting rich faster) if you worked hard and becoming part of the team players. That is indeed very surprising :). The amount of people joining these company were large as you can't imagine even our fellow Bruneian were part of the groups becoming Baron.

However, every company will always get a bad credits on the reputations. According to Anti-Lampe Berger and Lampe Berger Help blogs informations. It seem like DCHL are called as scandals, cheating and lied to the young people hard earn fortune. Some people even claimed that they didn't even earned a single commissions after successful in selling their products and services or getting back their refund successfully. Based on my studies so far, there are currently NO proves or enough evidences to accused them. But it doesn't means they are clean. Just watch this Anti-Lampe Berger and Lampe Berger Help bloggers for latest post, if you want to learned more about the dark side.

I am really totally curious on how did these young people (those who are on top today) able to earn so much money and becoming so rich at very young age? Believe me, they are around 20 to 30+ and now driving expensive sports car like BMW, Mercedes, even Ferrari :lol:. Hey, I'm not BS/joking, they actually owned it! Not to mention about their large income earning every months would make you want to become part of the members. That's why I decided to continue listening their program and offer if I joined them. Don't worry, I am not an easy person to get brainwash so easily.

Anyway, it sure took quite a while listening their proposal as I sit there watching their promo/history videos and even picture of their HQ, of course that includes the expensive cars owners :smile:. The funny things I come across is the picture of Prime Minister ABDULLAH Bin Ahmad Badawi giving them an award? Wow! Can't believe it was official! Hmmm...that is another reason why they were able to expand their marketing so easily in Malaysia. Other interesting pictures (no girls), as I surpirsed to see few of my friends (old classmate) was already part of the members. Not sure how they are doing today, driving Ferrari? 8)

Next on part II (soon)


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