Public Humiliation by Bloggers? True or False?

Ah...this is the most interesting post I found in our Brunei Times, BlogSpeak written by Rano Iskander. It was a nice post (you guys should read it) and the site he has mention, like Parking Idiot. Tons of photos snap by these people showing how bad or lack parking skills we Bruneian are. I, myself do agree the facts they are showing. But I don't really care about the parking problem. What I am worried are the driving habits we Bruneian these days. :smile:

He said:

"The recent Brunei Marathon, for instance, rings a bell for the wrong reasons. There were a dozen of bloggers, including yours truly, who posted negative feedbacks on the chaotic event that put our country to shame in the eyes of many.

At some point, even the media joined the bandwagon. Though the complaints were aimed at the organizers, it also indirectly affects the country's credibility"

I say: I did some check on this (Sorry, didn't follow up the story :lol: last year). Ok now, it was true that Brunei Marathon was said to be failure disappointed to a lot of people especially the runners who joined. The Director, Sheikh Jamaluddin Sheikh Mohamed even also very unhappy about the event turn out. The organizers also suffers greatly on this chaotic event which everyone are blaming them not doing a very good and planned last year.

To me, there should be only one things definitely needed to blame the organizers are lack of teamworks. You see, according Brudirect and Ranoadidas (more, of course) articles. Many people were very unhappy with the informations and no direct guide on the routes for the runners. I wonder, are they supposed to be a bikers/cars or teams to guide them while making sure they don't get lost? Are they members just too anxious unable to see who's the winners or enjoy their fun in the event? Possible to me. :roll: I was not there, so I have no rights to say much anything about them but I hope they will do better this year.

He said:

"As for the cons, it basically goes right down to the core _ reputation. Being a small nation, with gossips spreading like there's no tomorrow, the respective individuals may not take the criticisms lightly. Instead, they become victims of public humiliation regardless of whether it's true or not. One popular web-based forum "Have Your Say" doesn't practice censorship on personal attacks. Does this tell us that we readers enjoy bad publicity of one another?

In conclusion, whether you like it or not, bloggers and forum owners have the upper hand due to the lack of Internet laws. Hence, public shame issue will continue as it is. Unless you are willing to take the risk, remaining anonymous as a blogger may just save you from trouble or being questioned or even being sued."

It was true that local bloggers are always known to be a treat as sometimes we all does post offensive things that probably will affect our country reputations. On my own point of view, nothing can be stop on flaming even there is no bloggers exist in this world. Anyone (especially Tourist) coming to Brunei whom they encounter something unhappy about the system and the experience here. They still can flown back to tell their stories to friends, family or relatives about Brunei negatives feedback. Which is much worst than bloggers, because they were chat about a real life experience and rumors still can spread out like ants.

I will not remain anonymous. Why? Because there are nothing interesting to talk about Brunei when they are no negatives politics happening like other countries do. We only have one ruler in these country, no presidential or any parties involved crushing on another members. The only problem here we facing are the locals who are taking too much advantages on Brunei. No matter how peaceful our country is, we people intend to go and spoils it. Like vandalism, dumping rubbish everywhere, using its local power to bullies or insults some foreigners even on its own people and more. It just some bloggers might have over react and post something insulting that eventually happen as most of them really wished the Governments to take actions and help investigate throughly this matter or let the others know what happen to them. Although, we bloggers might gave out false information or accusations. Still they are many bloggers out there to correct them if they disagree something that don't proved anything.

Public humiliation doesn't just happen only in Bloggers. Medias are the worst and treat of all. Even if locals don't tell the stories. But other countries bloggers will do it later, no matter who are they. Everyone still knows what happening.


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