New Pyramid Conqueror - Part II

**Read the previous post on New Pyramid Conqueror - Part I (Just in case you didn't read it).

Your Choice of Membership:

First of all, there are two choices are requires to be part of the game, become a Franchises or Baron. If you are rich, you can go for a Count and I'm not sure about the membership fee. I have taken the DCHL picture sample of Marketing Plan brochure from Anti-Lambeger website. You are freely to download or study it for your understanding and information on your earning.

Please note that you are not doing any direct selling on their products. You are doing "Air" Market, which it means more like doing nothing on sales.


In Brunei, the starting rate for Franchises is B$1200.00+/- (first five earning rate is 20%)including the membership fee. For Baron, you will need at least B$5000.00+/- (first five earning rate is 29%) to join. I was told to choose the Baron membership, because its better and a bit easier to target the rest extra 9% earning from any successfully newly Franchises or Baron joins under your first five recruit members. Of course, that is continuous earning profits. :smile: If you become a Franchises, your goal will need to get five direct Franchises to promote to Baron. More like a starting point for you and more challenging. That is why many people prefer joining Baron so that they can challenge for Count.

How Do You Earn Money

Wonder why the DCHL guys say you are going to do the 'Air' market? Simple! If you are selling their products, chance to become rich is very slim. You see, there are so much MLM company in Brunei, example like Cosway or Elken. They have been around for quite long and you think you can convince them to tried the DCHL products? Nope! But hardly. What's more? Are they really a safe products to used? That is a actual problems, and nobody care about the fake damn company history. If something goes wrong on the products tested by Brunei research teams. DCHL will need to packed up their stuff home. Which is why they have came up with Pyramid Scheme network marketing plan idea. The only job here you need to do are recruiting new members and assist them as a team.

Take as Baron membership as an example, your job here as an upline must recruit any five people from your friends, family and relatives to joined as Baron or Franchises. So, if you can get one of them to joined under you as Baron ($5000). You will earn $1450.00 ($5000x29%) from them. Now from here onward, you can start relaxing and wait for your downlines to do the recruitments. If any one of them had also recruits a new Baron. They will also earned a $1450.0 ($5000x29%) income too. But you will get a 9% income at the same time, which is $450 ($5000x9%) or $108 (Franchises = $1200+x9%). Imagine if you are on top of the Pyramid chart and this infinite 9% income will definitely fullfill your dream car or house in no time.

Note: This cycle earning process applied to all members (no matter whose upline or downline) and above earning strategy may not be 100% correct :smile:. I am just listening to what the DCHL guys claims.


DCHL claims to me that this is a network marketing. To me, if you studies carefully on how their marketing plans work, you will know that this is definately not a network marketing all. This is called a Pyramid Scheme and this is known as illegal network marketing! Comon! We are simply just getting money from the people who joined and not from sales! Is this what they call marketing without selling any products?

I don't know about how the other people felt about this. My own views about this network marketing is totally not worth a penny to put my cash on thier table. Pyramid Schemes always bring problems and disaster in your future. Yes, I always dream to becoming rich, driving a nice cars and even staying in a big house. But I will not choose to dirty my life simply getting money from people without selling anything on what they get. And I don't even believed that get rich doing pyramid, of course maybe in the begining. I'm sure they would be 2 out of ten among them might succeed and others who don't will left in the dark. The worst cases is the person who borrow money from parents and friends including schools fee to investing pyramid.

To all of you students out there. DCHL are currently targeting mostly college or university students to join their program. If you are clever, don't joined! If you are clever and got brainwashed joining the pyramids that you think getting rich very early. Go for it! If you didn't suceed and left in the dark. I will laugh very hard on you. :lol: Believe me I will.

Of course, I do not have any proof or rights to accused DCHL is a scam right now. They got a very strong support from Governments and they have operate in many countries legally. But still they are doing a pyramid scheme, not simple pyramid only or network marketing. DCHL did not have a HQ in Brunei (yet). But they will asked you to fly over to KL HQ to attend their seminar to learned more about their products and sign up for memberships over there.

I would like to thanks to these owners at Anti-Lampe Berger and Lampeberger help for their informations. Read more over there!


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