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Full Review on QQeStore


Update February 03, 2007: Finally, I decided to post a full review on good or bad experience and some difficulty on processing my ordering items in our local shop at QQeStore. These also includes the customer services phone call and email response I received from them as well. :evil:

If you want to know what camera I'm getting at QQestore. Here's the link.

More...First time at QQestore

Since this is my first time buying stuffs from local online shop. I would start off talking about the website, services, and especially their products. The website are very nicely done and clean I had to say. Searching for latest gadgets products are relatively easy too. Not to mention their open pricing they update weekly including their latest offer. Surprisingly, they really quite able get a lots of latest gadgets stuffs put up in their online store, mostly everything you might able to find like mobile phone, MP3 players, PC hardware, game console etc. The most attractive things that many customers always looking at are the price they were selling right now. It was very competitive price and comparable with other online store (not including the shipping charges), even our local shops as well.

Before purchasing any items, remember to sign up for free online registrations first. On top of that, you will also be rewarded a 300 point (B$3.00) for free after you register. For those of you who are new to QQ. It is very important to read every FAQ informations located in the "Member Help Desk" categories on the left. After you decide which products you wish purchased, you will be also need to pay for $10.00 [lets face it $10.00-$3.00 (free) = $7.00] fee for one yearly membership (one time only). :?: Most of you may wonder why you need to paid for it. Well, here's what the sales representatives reply to me below.

"Dear Tony,

Thank you for your enquiry.

The membership is a yearly fee and as a member, you will receive some
of the unbelievable benefits like low product cost (like the camera
you are purchasing), free gifts, weekly special for members only,
members points in which you can use it for instant rebate in your
next purchase, receive special deals by email or SMS from time to
time and so on.

Hope this helps. If you have any other enquiries or need further
assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us."

It does sound very a good deals and benefit of becoming a members. However, for my personal view and comments on these. This is not really necessary at all, and I never expect this might happen for my first online paying for membership experience. It would be nice considering as an optional services for the customers. As I just don't seem to like it how they charge us through the checkout process. Most like a forced to join program in order us to get this price. Don't you think its rude for a first time buyer? It maybe got to do with other reasons. But it will be very bad for short-term buyer like me.

Customer Services & QQeStore Order Update

Speaking about the customer service. After processing my checkout online on Friday night. They rang me on the next day afternoon just telling my card cannot be recognized from their system issue. That were solved later, however. My complain here is that why didn't they first inform me if there is stock available for my camera or inform me the time to process might take, before swiping my card? Why? This really hit my head, so I decided to asked them for more information and time takes to process. Sadly, they never give me any proper answer for that no matter how I asked even a call back and check with QQ if my card is successfully verified or not because I waited for too long without any callback. :roll: Ah...damn...more like I have to do the process myself as a customer manually.

It gives a very bad impressions for a first time buyer without providing clear informations and time to process on my camera. Not to mention I have to do the calling back jobs myself and email them to check on that days. If they had done it correctly in the first place, I wouldn't giving myself so much trouble doing all these stupid stuffs and even nagging them. :lol:

Other problem also I found their system making mistake or error sending QQeStore email order update to me. I'm not really sure if that was done by the system, but I don't think so. Anyway, I did choose them to deliver my stuff locally after check out paying another $12.00 fee. But after reading the second email in my box, it starting becomes annoy me. Here's why.

1st: "Thank you for your payment. Once the item had arrived, our sales representative will contact you for collection."

2nd: "Please be informed that the product you ordered is ready for collection. Please visit our QQeStore Customer Service Center located at..."

Not only that, the staff even phone me and asked me when will I going to collect my camera at their store again. That goes for the third! :mad: Do you believed that? I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. I can't believe that it happen. Another things also happen, my own mistake too by not checking my free gifts stuff properly after receiving it. Its my camera leather bag , they gave me the wrong size of it.

QQStore - Wrong

I already email (with the picture attach) them about the problem. Surprisingly, the manager phone me and chats with me regarding the issues including my complains (above). Happily, they give me an apologizes about the process and exchange for my camera leather bag will be made once the stock arrived next weeks. I'm not too sure how long and not really in the hurry to get it, as long they promise me to change it. That's fine.

I already email (with the picture attach) them about the problem. Surprisingly, the manager phone me and chats with me regarding the issues including my complains (above). Happily, they give me an apologizes about the process and exchange for my camera leather bag will be made once the stock arrived next weeks. I'm not too sure how long and not really in the hurry to get it, as long they promise me to change it. That's fine.

Overall Conclusion

There are still many room improvement for QQeStore online shopping. But when comes with their handling customer orders and update are too weak even I find it very disappointment's as a first time buyers. You have to know that I am an addict online buyer and I never paid for a single fee of becoming full member instead receiving discount coupon from them. In QQeStore case, that was different stories. You got to pay for one yearly membership using their online service and keeping your points alive from what I see. I really felt bad for a short-term buyers and I'm not too sure with the points too. It would be great if they provide an optional membership registration services.

However, since I had pay for what I got. I will continue to monitor what the real benefit I am going to get from them within my one yearly membership.

Note: Another issue, QQeStore also let me know that there are some problem sending mails to the customers Hotmail and companies domain email (Shell, LNG etc). However, mine is ok! as long I add QQeStore in the safe list and that same that goes to the companies needed to check their server (if they have one) block the incoming mail. That's all! Only newsletter were not received so far. Hope they going to solved it sooner.

Conclusion - Pros:

  • Very competitive online price and comparable with other local merchants.
  • Lots of latest Gadgets, Mobile Phones & even Computer parts.
  • Very good products bundle pricing and free gifts (limited time or weekly offer only).

Conclusion - Cons:

  • Full memberships should be optional.
  • Your point will be wasted if you are a short-term buyers
  • Some warranty are not satisfactory especially in some PC hardware line.
  • Customer Service need to be improved.
  • Error email order update, even from phone call regarding the delivery.


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