Planet Annihilation Review

First of all, I am Kickstarter who backed Planet Annihilation. I never participate in the Alpha and Beta because I trust the Uber guys able to make the game awesome. After the announcement of official released last week, I hit the Steam and update the game into full version. Run the game and not awesome. Yes, it didn’t live up my expectation. This is why I decided to post negative review and advice not to buy until the Uber issue more fixes and updates hopefully. I personally feel the game not in ‘complete’ stage yet and somewhat missing along the ways during the developments.

Here are the lists down of my problem encounter in the game:

  1. When I wanted to jump and conquer new planets further. The drop down info bar blocks the jump button. It was a bit frustrated finding a work around. Either I jump backward allow the screen auto zoom out or use the zoom in and out to reach the button. I do not know if this is a bug or design this way. I hope the guys can do some adjustment to allow moving more freely in the maps.
  2. The AI commanders sometimes do nothing on some planets after successfully building energy plant. I was able to win within 6-7 min.
  3. So far one times experience stuck in the loading screen for 10 min. I had to force to end the process to restart the game.
  4. Graphic glitches on my AMD Radeon 5770, turning off the HDR and Shadow to medium does help a bit. *I just learn about the latest official drivers release last week. I’m going to test it due to positive feedback from testers
  5. Unable to cancel units in Orbital factory
  6. Sometimes the unit doesn’t patrol.

My disappointment:

  1. The galactic wars could have done better in the single player mode. There are so much missing features (upgrades, super weapons etc) and game play style I am expecting to be different in the RTS world. Too bad, it turns out just a simple game blowing out the planets.
  2. I do not understand why all units and buildings have to be same for all fractions. I believe they can do better than this. Yes, I know game balancing is important. Perhaps the Uber thinking the modders will do the rest or just save up for DLC?
  3. I thought every each of the commanders would either come with special weapons or abilities that could reflect in the battle experience. Sadly, they only just for deco. I wish such ideas would happen. Maybe, again, game balancing issue or just let the modders do the magic work instead.
  4. You can’t save game in single campaign. Yes, you can’t. Your commander died, you restart the entire game. Dammit!

Final Thought:

Uber does indeed create different RTS experience. However, the Galactic War mode fails me and the game play style doesn’t suit as well which instead got me bored slowly because of the limited access to the tech. Secondly, like I mention above. All units and building are the same. There’s no way to customize units, no tech upgrade and even the commanders don’t their own special abilities and weapons, just a deco in the game. How can you not get bored playing with it?

The new concept of game play and implementations are somewhat great. It just turns out fail products and may have to rely on the modders to fix it. I may not have the right to complains since I back Uber in the Kickstarter, but seeing the end result does indeed disappointed. Sorry to say PA just can’t out beat both Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander despite the two are old RTS games. If the guys could learn what missing on the previous game, PA could have come out differently. I know you can build orbital station and blow up planets. It just didn’t turn out what I expect to be in the end. I could be wrong and they may have something up in their sleeves on the next update. As for now, finger cross.


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