DIY Home Network Attached Storage Project #4 (END)

The FreeNAS is total disaster. Restoring the RAID setting after I tried to detach from the list proves to be big risk and problematic. I tried to reinstall the OS and attach as normal storage doesn’t even works because the two 160GB HDD still contains record of the RAID setting. I never thought the issue can be so complicated to fix. Luckily I am playing with empty data.

I plan to try Open Vault Media which is alternative to FreeNAS. The idea of must using the entire HDD is yet another issue because 160GB is simply too big for less than 400MB OS. I have an older IDE HDD model left around, it just very noisy when it’s running so I don’t like to be disturbed during my sleeping hours. Another option I can think of is getting low cost mSATA SSD to run. I got my eyes at KingFAST product for smaller storage size. This means I had to shell out for mSATA PCIe from eBay as well to minimize the use of the notebook storage.

To my misfortune for this month, the old car broke down and cost me BND$120.00 for repair (not including upcoming insurance and road tax). This whole thing is going to on hold for a while once I have sufficient budgets to secure the two parts. So to avoid wasting more time and effort getting FreeNAS works, I decided to hop in latest Ubuntu OS server instead. This will move to new topic.


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