Microsoft Office 2013 Sudden Broke

If you are one of the users who got into trouble with Microsoft latest patch update that break your OS last month especially happens on Window 8.1. The Office 2013 is no different. The problem I always face during troubleshooting is cannot open any office programs and see any errors. I have been dealing with this problem for quite sometimes and found that it was cause by June Public 2014 Update that affect Click-to-Run office version until today. When I read the news from the Info World and follow up the problem in the community. To my surprise the newer update still capable breaking the Office 2013. Microsoft seriously fuck up no matter it just impact with 1% user base in their record!

This is terrible time wasting troubleshooting ever for Office because I am supporting Acer products in the market that comes with pre-install with Office 2013 CtR version. Imagine how many customers pay that come with Office 2013 broke after silent update in the background? I don’t really care the ACER reputation but my profession is affected and requires explaining the problem comes from Microsoft mess. The worst cases you are working in the site without internet access and the license backup tool doesn’t work. I have to find a way or just go back to my office just to activate the license.

How to fix when your Office 2013 broke?

The fix is simple. First thing you need to do is get your product key ready (Genuine) or if you purchase directly from online using Office account. Just enter your email username and password during installation. Most importantly, backup your documents data before perform program uninstalling.

Using Microsoft Fix It tool is highly recommended for full clean uninstall to ensure no left over stupid update. But if you use the normal method removing Office 2013 from Program, it will still workable. However, there are chances the problem continues to remain with the download update.


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