The Despair on Upcoming Citizenship Exam

Wow! Five days of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 training really passes so fast and this feeling is like just five minute. The only thing left now is focusing more on the studies, taking another round in the training video and run more practical exam before taking the real examination anytime. This is one of the good thing about Microsoft learning. You don't have to rush to achieve something when you are not fully prepare.

Unlike the Brunei Citizenship, the examination is coming this Wednesday. People keep telling me best of luck. But sorry, this is just not happening. I am entirely not prepare and fail is the confirm word coming from my heart. The entire situation doesn't look that good and not allow to postpone next year. You had to fail first, get the confirmation letter and waste time reapply again.

I tried doing at least contribute two hours study, slowly translating the meaning and memorizing every day. But I just kept forgetting, very easily and not to mention there have different meaning require more time to search. This subject never once were my favorite in the lifetime and do well in school. After this, I am really done.


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