My First Microsoft Course

I really sacrifice a lot of saving (Yes, self sponsor!) on this Windows Server 2012: 20410 training course at TechOne. While I do process self experience deploying servers in real life. However depending on the DIY concepts sometimes does put you in wrong directions and even without understanding how to properly configures the servers. It will definitely put both your career and job at huge risk working in large organizations.

Many of my colleagues are self learned from experience from old days, Google search and not even 100% certified nowadays. They may even dump aside the problems without troubleshooting or forget what they may have ever done. So I really feel insecure working in such environments. I already encounter such scenario incidents so many times and it's really unhappy situations for everyone.

Things really change a lot after attending this training class. I won't say I have more confidence than ever before. But it is best to know the correct ways working with Window servers and take advantage on its (existing) features at least giving me more ideas and security. I do find some of the topics quite hard and man, study suck! Luckily, the instructor are really friendly and I was able to abuse more help from him solving my many mysteries problems that hunted me for so many years until now actually left unsolved.

The only thing that tired me was driving up and down from BSB. More than one hours drive is no joke when there are rains and sudden traffics (now in KB-Seria and Seria-Lumut) create so much frustration. Not to mention no longer allow speeding and again, encountering crazy reckless drivers. Anyway, reaching there safe and sound is what everyone wants. Two more days to go until training class finished.


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