Brunei Citizenship Exam is Over

Wow, finally the exam is over. A lot of friends give a good luck message before the test start. Sorry to disappoint them, once I started to flip the papers. Okay, after sitting in the chair, the fail light was already turned on. The two months time frame simply just too rush for forgetful person like me especially bad in writing Malay. In the end, it was just reckless gamble written exam including some English words. TERRIBLE! I just can't stop laughing myself writing down in the 'Karangan'.

But I do have to admit the examination paper is easy because many country questions and free points are giveaway. Those who took the tuition classes or already started studies and memorizes early last year will definitely no doubt going to hit big this time. Even I believe the passing rate (not me) going to be higher records all time.

Well, no point to continue feeling sad. It's over and time to move on preparing Microsoft Server 2012 exam next. I pay a lot saving on this course so this is more important reason have to study real hard.


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