Popular 3rd Party Out from RK

Most probably majority of the Transformers toy collectors already knew about Robot Kingdom stop selling at least three popular 3rd party title products. It took me a quite long to notice them not selling Fansproject, Maketoys and Mastermind Creation. While I don't know the specific real reasons behind this but the guesses and answer can be found at both TFW2005 and Seibertron forum for further information if you decided to dig deeper.

Since they selling quite a good selling price and offer best combine shipping fee in Asia. I do find it very troublesome and unhappy no longer able getting these popular 3rd party new products through RK. With the power of the internet, of course I do have many sources where to easily get. However, this actually facing increase spending more either on the selling price or shipping fee issue on other online stores. The worst will be both and don't forget we are paying using US dollar nowadays.

US dollar may continue remain weak today, I discover some online shops in Asia actually increases the value of the 3rd party toys nearly 20-30%. Yeah, it kinda suck and got to be more extra careful without blowing your god damn hard earn money.

Right now, my suggestion is looking alternatively into Japanese Yen. The exchange rate is so good this year that today I actually able get B$1 vs 76 Yen after paying all my stash hiding at the HLJ private warehouse. If you plan buying Japanese toys or books this month, look no further jumping back right in or double check again using PayPal currency rate.

Now, how about getting 3rd party Transformers toys from Japan? You can check out Upgrade Commander, which is best site getting Maketoys brand and better price with the help of higher exchange rate for Yen. I already pre-order my long love for Paladin and Missle Launcher for Power Combiner. It is expected to release this month and I can't wait to review the baddy!


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