Busy This N That

Blogging has been slow is now a normal routine in my life. Unless more than one or two months that mean I'm either dead or still sleeping in hospital bed. Now it's all about work, waiting and preparing Microsoft course, and especially upcoming Brunei Citizenship examination on 22th May that kept me so busy this year.

Nope I didn't take any Malay classes because every month I always run out of money. However the biggest issue is Malay subject I am never ever good at. Starting from primary four to form five, it were all a straight fail in examination. So I have no single confidence over the Brunei Citizenship examination when comes to writing Malay. Not a single topic are even easy, can't understand, forget how to even write and memorizing already kill me off badly. It has to start from scratch no matter what.

While people always say you can sit again for next year, I have no plan on doing so. Call me anything you like but I decided to simply focus improving and possibly changing my current career. Finding a job are so hard these days and clock continuous ticking waiting to get kick out from the bitch house. It just feel like time are running out of some sort in life.


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