Brunei Slaps Harsh Laws on Christians. REALLY?

While I don't really like commenting too much on religious, unless it's ridiculous or stupid daily stories passes down by generation (and by books). From what claim in their website regarding harsh law on Christian article really quite new to me for a person living 30 years in Brunei.

No one knows how or when did this kind of story actually happen in Brunei. But I do have to say it was totally baseless statement posted by this Admin without doing careful research into this. Perhaps could be this person went to public openly illegally promoting Christianity who got kick out from the country. Otherwise how do they wanted to making up such story from the beginning? However, this person have to be grateful that it didn't end up staying in jail and get harsh punishments by the Brunei law.

Let me correct this one of the biggest mistake statement about “...Christians seeking opportunities for higher education must leave the country to access universities.”.

Well, not unless you are seeking and your future must only choose Christian's University. The ministry of education never picky over what races or religious you are. As long you are doing very good in your educations and willing to continue contribute your effort helping Brunei growth. His Majesty and the governments will sponsor those to get scholarship and even sent you to foreign University to studies.

“Evangelism is strictly forbidden and some local Christians have been arrested and detained for planning outreach to the population.”

Again, not unless you stupidly head on approach Muslim to convert Christianity. That is really the biggest mistake that shouldn't be done in any Islam countries. Even I who didn't have any highest education background know this simple rule that they can never in life convert to other religious as long you (Muslim) are staying here.

“Christian based (expatriate) schools must give instruction in Islam to all students and are not allowed to teach Christianity.”

For your information, this is a must and long time passed down restricted rules for private or international schools in Brunei. These are not just applied to Christian, other religious too. I think the instruction in Islam could be referring to MIB (Melayu, Islam and Beraja). It is every schools nowadays compulsory subject but know that it's not trying to asked us to become Muslim. MIB is simply given us more insight information that this country are only governing by Malay, teaching in Islam and rule by monarch.

Lastly, it's quite interestingly that mention “...a foreign English teacher simply prayed for blessings on a Malay family during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations (at the end of Ramadan) was given 48 hours to leave the country.

That I really like to know how and why in full details. There isn't any news mentioning in the search so I take it as fake until we found evidence from the news and truth.


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