Lightning Bawoo (BTC Competition Entry)

Lightning Bawoo is my third entry for the local Gunpla competition this year. This kit took me three months to build and constant revised. Not really a satisfied work, again and again, the spray painting quality went wrong. But I tried to correct the problem by focusing some area improving on the parts color. This actually helps a lot hiding the mistake during work in progress. I will put out some history log and photos how I implement the Lighting Back into Bawoo.

As for now I will need to clear some backlog photos I forget to upload previously. You can check all the previous work at my I.Model Kits Works page for links.

Lightning Bawoo Idea Explanation:-

Lightning Bawoo Gunpla idea were mainly built for speed and more fire power when in separation MA mode during Gunpla battle. It can be control by either one or two persons (Lightning Bawoo Attacker and Nutter).

In combine MS mode, it armed with hand held beam Vulcan, four fixed grenade launcher guns equipped on the forearms, 2x beam sabers, 2x beam cannon and 2x waists mounted micro missile funnels pod. It\s leg has capability performing Plavsky Craft including hovering.

Separation Mode:
  • Lightning Bawoo Attacker mode armed with Beam Vulcan, 2x Beam Cannon and 6x Heavy Missile. The separation from nutter help boosted twice the speed and with addition particle tanks, it allows longer operation providing range support.
  • Lightning Bawoo Nutter mode armed with 2x waists mounted micro missile funnels pod and comes with nuclear warheads. The separation from attacker boosted twice the speed and allow performing special kamikaze attack if encountering powerful defensive weaponry opponents can't be taken down with normal weapons or try ending the battle quicker by hitting with three birds with one stone.


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