Brunei Toy Convention 2015 (December Event)

Finally, my new chair has arrived! Now I can properly sit without hurting my back while typing. Let’s start off my trip to Brunei Hobby Convention (BTC) event on December 12th. Again, same place but with more toy vendors showing up in the event. As always for me, when you get use to buying online. You would hardly want to get locally. It just that day I couldn’t find anything that interest me at all. Sorry to say their stocks are almost the same as previous. So I decided to focus buying new comfortable chair and running shoe instead which already cost BND300.00+.
As for the Gunpla competition, I didn’t participate this time around. Not like I don’t have kit to join but I just not satisfy my current work and trying out some option parts for old kit modifications including finding recent issue on the spray painting. I will post up my new test work coming this next week for closing the year 2015 works as well my previous participation kit for BTC event.
Take note. The photos and the plastic kits competitions are not taken on the last day. So you won’t find the newer and last minute submission works in the photos. As much I like to go on the last day, all I can say flu suddenly struck first and the next day I knew coughing and terrible fever came. Hardly had any good night sleep and once better I had to worry about rushing to close my maintenance works because I was down for two days.
Anyway, click read more to check out the photos I took at the event! Happy holiday and merry Christmas to all!


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