Multi Storage Plastic Box (2 Drawers and 3 Layer) Review

This is 2 drawers and 3 layer multi storage plastic box that I brought for BND $20.90 to keep the modeling kits stuff more organize. It took me quite a while looking for this kind of multi storage plastic box design in Brunei. Not all department stores or shops wanted carrying such small size item to sell because the price had to be right especially it made out of plastic. In the end, I manage to find at Soon Lee Seaview, second floor, in KB. The Hua Ho Mall Manggis did sell similar one above but the price cost extra 10 dollars more, so nope.

The size for both length and width is close to A4 paper, overall height is 24 cm. As you can see, each trays allow you to keep three separate different items. Yes, it manages to store standard Kotobukiya, Wave and Hobby Base option parts easily. The middle side plastic are removable for putting larger items.

For extra, each tray comes with locking button to prevent sliding when carrying around.

Lastly, the top comes with another storage room and extra half size lift out tray for putting smaller objects and tools.


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