Lego Ultra Agent 70170 and Galaxy Squad 70719

This month spending are totally screw buying Lego. It just happen to be a good timing especially getting huge discount for the large set of Galaxy Squad: Galactic Titan from my town local shop. I saw the remaining Galaxy Squad Crater Creeper, Hive Crawler and Warp Stinger also received same good discount treatment. But I reach the budget limit and decided to wait till next month, if it still around. 

Well, only if I didn't get the Ultra Agent: UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter during my trip to capital. I could have grab all the remaining good Galaxy Squad deals. Still, no regret getting this set because it may run out if I continue to played waiting game as we all know Toy R Us hardly throw in discount for this theme. Gosh, I saw Ultra Agents Ocean HQ and it's freaking expensive. I really want it so badly.


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