New Syariah Law Create Fear

As an Atheist, I wish this is not happening and sadden by it. The introduction of the new Syariah law really cause a lot of criticisms to the country every time it hit the local news. The latest articles “Wearing indecent clothing is crime under Syariah law” already become the laughing topic of all time and the arguments are still ongoing.

I got to say the majority of the locals who are Muslim does make a good points regards of this matter. Even myself also agree Brunei are simply moving backward. Everyone understand that maintaining tradition is important task making sure the new generation won't forget the old cultures. However, our tourism are poor, less developed and now the raise of unemployment’s, even worst, crimes. Such ongoing problem becomes low priority instead. It was really stupid seeing them pouring all the unnecessary resources getting Syariah law out on April this year.

The legal officials assure us that Syariah law will not affect non-Muslim and will follow same legal system during last year citizenship induction. Now they are saying non-Muslim can be prosecuted. They did mention only unless involve with Muslim. In what manners are still left unquestioned and causing more worried. Why?

“Testimony must be from at least two witnesses, and preferably free Muslim male witnesses, who are not related parties and who are of sound mind and reliable character; testimony to establish the crime of adultery, or zina must be from four direct witnesses. Forensic evidence (i.e., fingerprints, ballistics, blood samples, DNA etc.) and other circumstantial evidence is likewise rejected in hudud cases in favor of eyewitnesses, a practice which can cause severe difficulties for women plaintiffs in rape cases.” @Wikipedia

Forensic and circumstantial evidence can be rejected in favor of eyewitnesses are definitely bullshit. Don't forget, CCTV footage too were mention recently. How can we allow trusting the eyewitnesses alone without support from the forensic finding in the court? How do we even know the eyewitnesses are not related to the parties? What if the eyewitnesses are racists? This is what everyone fears the most and how the courts going handle the cases.

Of course, I do understand why HM would resort bringing Syariah law. Let's face it, Brunei no longer consider peaceful as describe. You know, I know, people took advantage doing silly things (e.g. Government job scam, remember?) and we forget our surrounding safety. The numbers of crimes are increasing and that is the facts.

No matter what, I still don't agree going such extend taken against the Muslim. Some may like it but majority (be honest) doesn't. My most concern are hoping for the news of the citizenship status because I heard serious shit and am fucking pissed learning from someone behind it. For now, we just have to wait for the upcoming HM announcement speech on the national day.


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