Build Forever Gundam – W.I.P #1

Gunpla have been evolved quite unexpectedly fast after the announcement Gundam Build Fighters animation. Bandai feature even more upgrades and add-on choice for modelers to expand their ideas. Thanks to them I was able to continue most of my piling backlog collections starting with Forever Gundam.

I got it two years ago through the promotion and have no idea why bother to buy when you got plan for this kit in the first place. The release Booster packs change the entire High Grade kits combination laws. However, only three were released last year and Build Booster was my best choice.

Build Booster

The Build Booster has a flaw in the design because it no longer using rubber pieces for some parts. Everything is plastic which easily wear out the parts especially both the side thruster rotating area. To counter this issue, I use the existing Gunpla convertor joints combine with rubber pieces.

At first I did think about using poly joints over the convertor joints. Since I don't have any stocks or suitable size, the idea was abandon. But I would like to try it next time. Poly joints allow more movable   area compared to only just fixed rotating joint.

New Custom Weapons

Building a custom weapon is a tricky idea especially dealing with funnels weapon. I already use two replacing the pair beam cannon for the Build Booster. The remaining does given me some headache for hours. Once I think about the MSV Full Armor Gundam and also Gundam Age Assault Jacket weaponry. It caught my attention making into 2-Barrel Funnel Beam Gun.


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