Raging Rain! STOP PLEASE!!!

From last year until now, all we get is rain. This is getting freaking bad like we might expecting something surprise this year. I really hope we won't get shower with tiny ice blocks from the sky because I ever experience this event before at northern Thailand in the past. People say it won't. Hey, global warming is happening.

Floods are without doubt the most primary concern issues in Brunei. Some places already suffer a huge damage and landslide especially in Tutong and Temburong. KB so far happen on certain areas and my place are lucky at the moment. But if the rains keeps going, no one for sure know what might going to happen next when the crocodile already start visiting. You just got to prepare and careful.

Apart from being unable to get my clothes dry, I am much more worry having water falls into my room. I did a repair two years ago sealing up the damage aluminum foils and lay some plates on top of the ceiling roof to prevent damages in case of waters came through the metal roofs. It's been so many years so it's hard to tell if there are any rust outsides. I just hope it don’t get worsen as now I am damn broke and try not to spend.


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