A Crap New Year Starts

Anyone expecting a new year to be good start for January. Not me, shit have been happening non stop and trying to avoid as much as possible doesn't seem to work. My anger limits went off last week because I encounter unbelievable things caught my attention and hugely disappointed over no improvement worker at workplace. Yeah, the guy I complain non-stop in the past.

Let's talk about this same guy again we hired on year 2012. To my surprise, he continues to perform like shit and didn't learn how to use common sense ever since. Even though I tried stopping myself scolding him last year and giving him more time to self improve. It was entirely a big mistake and wasted my nine months teaching a useless person who doesn't think of correcting mistake itself. The worst part, he continues to stuck with same repeated working behaviours and just looking at one direction.

So far the only things he gained from learning are skipping the problem. That pisses me off badly after I caught him doing so often because such action actually increases outstanding problems and make users angrier by forcing them direct to my management. Not only that, my colleagues and I had to be the one to clean up his fucking messed. I never told him that he needs to 100% to know everything. If he can't do it all he need just to note it down and report to us. Simple task, yet never do but continue to keep quiet and forgets about it.

This is why my anger went off last week because my boss is the cause of this result as he turns blind on this matter from the days I raise concern of the new guy performance and require extend probation period. It was hugely disappointed outcome not listening its employee suggestions. Of course this is not only the issue I have problem with so far, but somewhat unbelievable shits I don't want to talk about. But I am waiting for confirmation and hopefully it happens sooners so I can get out of this fucking mess.


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