HA! Can't believed I was being call a fat boy. That really worries me because I have been totally become a lazy asshole eating and drinking only sitting infront my PC watching movies. Other come to my mind is sitting at the office not moving all just wokring on the PC and check out website.

I really had to admit it I am getting fat recently and even looking myself in the mirrors almost everytime at work or home. I really had to think about putting my weight down and that's why I became a funny idiot went straight for a jog yesterday. ^^; But hey, better than not doing anything! Hehehe...Ok, I run for a hours. It just happen my left muscle started to get hurt. LOL! Its been quite a long time never enjoy this torture! Maybe I should give it another run tomorrow as public holiday is coming this Thursday in my country. WeeE! Well, haven't recevied any words from m boss if I need to work or not. T_T


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