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Brunei Toy Convention 2015

Coming next week starting on Friday and there is Gunpla competition. After a long consideration, I decided to skip again due to inconvenience traveling there just for submitting my work (still incomplete). They told me preferable on Friday and final its on Saturday morning. I see no point getting myself two hours drive back and forth just for submission. Unless I have a home or apartment to stay for a night. So better off going there on Sunday.

Multi Storage Plastic Box (2 Drawers and 3 Layer) Review

This is 2 drawers and 3 layer multi storage plastic box that I brought for BND $20.90 to keep the modeling kits stuff more organize. It took me quite a while looking for this kind of multi storage plastic box design in Brunei. Not all department stores or shops wanted carrying such small size item to sell because the price had to be right especially it made out of plastic. In the end, I manage to find at Soon Lee Seaview, second floor, in KB. The Hua Ho Mall Manggis did sell similar one above but the price cost extra 10 dollars more, so nope.

Lego Ultra Agent 70170 and Galaxy Squad 70719

This month spending are totally screw buying Lego. It just happen to be a good timing especially getting huge discount for the large set of Galaxy Squad: Galactic Titan from my town local shop. I saw the remaining Galaxy SquadCrater Creeper, Hive Crawler and Warp Stinger also received same good discount treatment. But I reach the budget limit and decided to wait till next month, if it still around. 
Well, only if I didn't get the Ultra Agent: UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter during my trip to capital. I could have grab all the remaining good Galaxy Squad deals. Still, no regret getting this set because it may run out if I continue to played waiting game as we all know Toy R Us hardly throw in discount for this theme. Gosh, I saw Ultra Agents Ocean HQ and it's freaking expensive. I really want it so badly.

Japan Has Gundam Ready to Invade China

Sort of…LOL

July On Leave, Window and Online Shopping

Finally, taking three days off starting 1st day of July to clear some leave and time doing personal stuff like doing laundry and a bit cleaning in my room as well getting my own bed freshen up which I haven't done a long time. ;) It was really a good sunny day yesterday and today. During Ramadan month is a bit hard in Brunei when you can't dine in the restaurant. So my morning schedules are troublesome going out for window shopping if you can't have a nice morning breakfast. I don't like walking around having empty stomach. But I just too lazy to cook myself at home because I haven't stock up any breakfast type foods. I have been eating noodle almost every morning. Changing the food menu is a must. I decided to drop by long awaited plan visit KB Sentral Shopping Centre this afternoon. Yeah, I know it's open quite a long time. However, some shops continue rushing renovate before the official grand opening this month. Got to be honest, nothing much to see other t…