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Not So Good Month

LOL, I just can’t believe I went straight broke yesterday after paying credit card debts and now waiting for auto transfer payment for my car loan. Everything that I spend last month hits me really bad over $1k and barely has enough to spend now. Even though my bonus is coming out soon which I believe won’t be much as expected due to my performance has been bad since involving less messy work I hated recently.

The reason probably because I slowly pass down half of my work to the new guy and continue seeing his learning including performance. Sure, it did reducing the work load of mine so that I can focus more on other areas. But at the same time affecting my surrounding and motivations nowadays. I grow really tired working as standby and have to rush to site after working hours even during sometimes public holiday which really making me very unhappy from time to time.

I guess this is the sign for telling myself it's time for a fresh start for me and start looking something new. It just matter of time when I going to start submitting CV. Hopefully I can find a nice job without having too much worrying working during public holidays.


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