The Best Place to Buy Nintendo Switch in Singapore *Plus GST (Tax) Refund

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Buying Nintendo Switch in Brunei is currently not a good idea even though it was release year ago. Overly expensive and the warranty can be as low 1 month (day too). You won’t be able to find a warranty that covers 12 months standard (only the main unit) and three months for accessories. The last price I inquiry from few local game shop on May starts with BND$529.00 (no game bundle) and the game bundle set version can be set a range from BND$629.00 – $679.00
Why is it so expensive? For one, the excise tax has been increase to 20% last year for any games and consoles system by the Governments. Secondly, anyone importing any WiFi and Bluetooth found inside the system must get and pay AITI license. These are the two reasons I believe we are paying such an outrageous price. The third on the crappy warranty, you need to ask the sellers for an answer why One of my friends who work with one of the game shops before told me they just want to avoid warranty headache which is why they shorten the number of months.
The question is where should you buy right now and feel more comfortable getting at least one year warranty? The advice from one of the active Nintendo community is to get from Singapore. She told me that the prices are better compare to Malaysia. However, this was asked before the GST removal last month so you guys may need to survey the well-known game shops again for any price update. Hong Kong also offers quite a good price according to my friend who happens to be vacation there. If you think about it, Singapore still the best place to go because you can get good promotion air ticket price almost every few months. Do not forget, you are eligible to get GST (tax) refund or tourist refund scheme (convenience fee applied) when you spend over SG$100.00 as long you are not a Singaporean or currently working there.
The current price I survey for the console system starting range from SG$429.00 - $439.00+/- and come with original 12 months warranty by Maxsoft Pte. Ltd. Distributor. Take note, except remote and accessories are valid for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. Looks good, right? There are some problems with local rules you may not like. I break down the top three I believe worth the attention.
  • Majority of the local game shops (few well-known) I inquiry want it to be cash payment only. Yes, no credit card payment accepted. So you may have a hard time to decide bringing cash with you or not. I for one will not.
  • Secondly, they want the console system to be sold with any one game together. I am not talking about the official Super Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda: BOW console bundle version. But console system, only together with any game in stock with no special discount or whatsoever. No no for me!
  • Lastly, NO GST (Tax) REFUND!?! This is one thing as a tourist cannot fucking accept. We are talking about spending SG$400.00 plus man!
This is just a few advice based on my experience when shopping for Nintendo Switch in Singapore. The only shop I found so far that cross out the three rules above is Qisahn located in Orchard Road. They carry quite a competitive price and sometimes offer discount too. Like majority shops in Brunei, Qisahn do charge additional 3% fee for using credit card payment includes in GST tax refund. You can check the Google map and address how to get there because it really took me a while to find the place due to ongoing constructions blocking the sign and unfamiliar building I never visit before. This is the photo show how the shop entrance looks like.
The current Nintendo Switch console system they are selling price is SG$429.00 and still the same after I post this today. If you plan to add additional 4 years warranty more, it cost you SG$459.00. Don’t get too excited yet, this extended warranty ONLY covers the main unit and not officially cover by Maxsoft. Qisahn will send the unit for repair without any charges if the unit is faulty within next extra four years. However, there are rules and should already fully aware that both original and extended warranty DOES NOT COVER:
  • Self damage or accident, broken screen etc.
  • Brick device cause by third party or non-Nintendo certified docking base like (Ahem..) Nyko.
  • If you flash or use modified firmware to play pirated games. 
  • Modified your own device (changing body case etc)
I do feel a bit regret not paying the extended warranty fee. My mind only focus on slapping a temper glass (SG$19.90) to avoid celebrating screen scratch ceremony including avoiding buying games because there aren’t much discount. You won’t see any single drop for the popular game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Octopath Travelers was still far from releasing during my trip to Singapore. The future plan here is saving for others accessories which I going to get from online from Ami-Ami Japan and wireless controllers from local shop if their price are good.


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